Wearable GPS

There is no bigger solace for parents than the overall wellness of their children. Protecting kids for their safety is indeed a top priority for every parent. No parent can afford to risk the safety of their kids against various underlying threats and unwarranted dangers. Parents today are adapting various techniques that equip them to handle safety issues the smart way. Smart parenting is becoming a global mantra for parents all over the world. This includes the unanimous acceptance of IoT devices – wearable and non-wearable devices to keep avoidable dangers at bay. Let us however, take a sneak peek into the GPS enabled smart-watches and the benefits these devices offer to parents as well as kids.

  1. Easy Availability& Affordability

    Gone are the days when buying a GPS enabled smart watch for kids was considered a luxury. Today, however, the scenario is different. There are plenty of options readily available. It is easy to buy a smart watch for kids of your choice online. What’s more, these magnificent tech gadgets don’t burn a big hole in your pockets and make up for an affordable buy. Now a smart watch is just a click away! Besides, these smart-watches lend a style statement to your fashion conscious kids.

  2. Tracking Made Easy

    Fueled by IoT, the GPS enabled smart-watches act as a savior for parents who are always clouded with worries about their kids. Tracking a child was never this easy. These smart watches allow parents to track their children in crowded/public places or when they are out of sight say at school, picnic or an outing. Parents can use these smart-watches to track the location of their lost kids.

  3. Smart watch is Technology in Disguise

    No matter how tech advanced the smart watches are, they hardly look like one. Most manufacturers have worked hard to mold their tech wonders in a time piece that looks everything but a tech piece! Their childish designs and bright color combination is perfect to disguise them. This is precisely why most people can hardly spot the difference between a smart watch and an ordinary watch. Good for kids who use them, as their adorable designs keep these watches safe from the prying eyes!

  4. Watches Over Your Kids

    GPS tracker watches are a boon for parents as they help in watching over your kids when either they are away or you are away from them. These devices:
    1. Tracks kids when they reach school or arrive home from school.
    2. Track kids when they are untraceable in a crowded space.
    3. Track kids when they are away from home and out of your sight.

  5. Guarantees Peace of Mind to Parents

    Parents, whether at home or office, are always worried about the safety of their kids. The fear of losing your child to avoidable circumstances is the concern area for all mommies and daddies. On the other hand, a smart watch equipped kid is always traceable and reachable in case of contingencies and emergencies. This in fact, offers great solace for parents, who are relieved at the thought of maintaining an uninterrupted connectivity with their children, anytime, anywhere. Enough to of course, guarantee the much-needed peace of mind!

There are many cognitive and degenerative illnesses that call for constant supervision. Those suffering are prone to wander or become disoriented; sometimes so much they roam where no one can find them. In other cases, a senior may simply live alone, far from a neighbor or family. That’s where GPS trackers and senior wearable come in handy. Trackers give them and their loved ones peace of mind.

Many seniors prefer to be independent, living in a home or apartment they’ve known for years. The problem with this is if anything were to happen nobody would know, or it would take a while before someone found out.

Trackers allow family, friends, or caretakers to monitor seniors remotely.Senior wearable often have an emergency or SOS feature that will call for help at the touch of a button. When you’re living on your own, without anyone nearby, a device like this could save your life.

Like smart watches, many of the devices offer extra functionality, like the ability to call or message friends and family.

  1. Real Time GPS & GPRS enabled Tracking:

    Allows you to pinpoint a child’s whereabout instantly on your smart phone or web application.

  2. Geo Fence Safe Zone:

    Allows you to define the area where the child is supposed to be safe. Three options available.
    Alert is generated when the child leaves the safe zone.

  3. SOS alarm:

    Your child can send an SOS/ raise alarm if he/she feels threatened allowing you to determine the course of action.

  4. Anywhere Use tracking:

    Can be used for tracking small child or special needs child; in mall or crowded place.

  5. Light Weight Device:

    Small and light weight that it can be worn by child safe and convenient to carry.

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Wearable & Non-Wearable devices can be used for Kids, Old People, even non wearable device keeping in school bag, non-wearable device wearing in kid neck as a pendant.