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Besides the nanny monitor, constant calls that irritates everyone, there is a parent’s wish that they be able to monitor their child without intrusion, making it a win situation.

Rapidly advancing technology helps create a solution that works well for parents and child; however most of them are just App and non-wearable devices.

It is like a Big Brother but interesting marriage of technology, hardware that provides peace of mind. And that is where “TRACKMYKID” is of help.

Application platform

The Proprietary application designed on an interlinked system of Cellular & GPS network using a wearable or non-wearable tracking device that helps monitors and makes the precise location of the tracked person within 50 metres.

The Wearable or Non Wearable

Tracking device

The Service is accessible via a small device with a wearable or non wearable option.

The Web or Mobile Application

The location transmitted by the device is accessible on the Mobile App – Google or iOS or if required on the desktop/laptop. The location data is mapped as a layer on Google City Map to ensure display.

Applying the Management by exception concept, parent/guardian can predefine the Geo fencing on the App, moving out of it an alarm is triggered, for corrective action to be initiated.

The solution doesn’t offer security because it is not a security system. What it offers is only the information about the whereabouts of the tracked child and nothing more.